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Monday, September 08, 2008

Awkward Moments

The Targo and I hung out with his BFF and his fiancee this weekend. They're West Coasters and were in town for their shower. Pretty much it was an entire weekend of eating way too much and hanging out. Poor Nathan: His "schedule" was thrown way off.

Last night, we all had dinner together at the BFF's aunt and uncle's house. Because he's a far better person than I am, The Targo's BFF is still very close to his ex-girlfriend. And his fiancee doesn't seem to mind. Anyway, the Ex was at the shower and had dinner with us last night as well. Awkward situations seem to be the norm in my life, so naturally, this happened...

[Entire cast sitting on a couch, chatting about nothing.]

BFF's Ex: So, Targo - I ran into your ex-girlfriend a couple of weeks ago.

The Targo: Oh? That's nice.

Me [sitting quietly ... why is she bringing this up?]

Ex: Yeah --- blah blah blah long story blah blah blah --- and I told her that you were married and had a baby. It totally ruined her day!

Me [*crickets* nervous laughter]

The Targo [at me]: You're so mean!

Me [near hysterical laughter, because I'm like that.]

Ex: Yeah. You know how competitive she is. I guess she's mad that you did something before she did.

At this point, I was cracking up because 1) why in the world would the Ex thinks this is an appropriate conversation? And 2) My gosh, The Targo and I have been together for almost eight years. I obviously don't care how The Targo's ex feels about me or him, and I can't imagine why she felt it necessary to discuss this. *eye roll* But for The Targo's sake? I hate to this the BFF's Ex would go back to The Targo's ex and say "That Marianne is such a #(%@)! She just laughed hysterically. Oh, and she's FAT!"



Becca said...

OMG, I would have reacted exactly the same way you did. What a crazy woman!!

Mrs Lemon said...

hysterical laughter over HERE because that is stinking funny

SSU said...

Yeah, I don't blame you for laughing one bit. That ex is just crazy!

Anonymous said...

Now THAT was funny! I thought I was the only person who ends up in situations like that?! The hysterical laughing was THE best response to a situation like that!

Targo wouldn't have anything nearly as cute as Nathan if that casual fling (read: ex) panned out. Can you imagine a world without that little fella??

Can the "FAT"! We women are just too hard on ourselves! I'm one of those women who, if a high school crush knocked on the door, I would slam it shut before he could connect the dots that the HUGE auntie-type lady answering the door used to be somewhat slimmer and younger doting fan!!

ps I've moved over to wordpress and I'm happy with this layout & the name so I'm going to stay here for a while. Come visit me!

Michelle said...

Aaaah, she is crazy, isn't she??? I think she was channeling her inner angst onto you guys. Hysterical laughter is good, but a poke in the eye would work as well.

Leslie said...

Laugh on sweetie, laugh on! Crazy snot of a woman! Side note: Hubby and I lived together 13 years before we got married......yes, 13. 2 weeks after we got married his Ex called the house and asked for him.....I answered, smiling gave the phone to him (laughing inside too) AND SHE HUNG UP! She had NEVER in the 13 years BEFORE marriage attempted to contact him. There are just some very socially inappropriate people out there......and I do mean OUT THERE! Loved your story!

Leslie G.

Ree said...

Strange. Maybe she was just really uncomfortable and thought she HAD to say something?

Not what I would have gone with though. ;-)

Kristabella said...

You should laugh! Why the hell would you care? And why would that bitch bring it up?

I would have laughed too.

Bailey said...

Ha ha.. I would laugh too. My husband's ex girlfriend still calls his parents house sometimes. She's married with kids but still calls.. maybe she thinks he's the "one who got away"? It makes me giggle anytime his mom says she called.