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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Can I Tell You About My Day?

I got to work bright and early, which was no easy task with a (STILL) sick baby. Man, is he crabby. Poor thing. Anyway, I got to work early-ish to get work done. Our entire network was down. Awesome. Essentially, I fielded phone calls for about an hour. Then I got in my company car (which had 1/4 tank of gas) to drive to this monthly meeting I go to. Because Chicago has rush hour 24-7, a 25 mile drive took me an hour and fifteen minutes. Rock. Upon my arrival, I discovered that the meeting was not going on, but it is in fact, scheduled for next Thursday. My car, which has a gigantor engine, decided that it wasn't quite sure if a 1/4 of a tank was enough to drive 50 miles. The low fuel light came on and I freaked. I prayed for the next 14 miles until I pulled into the parking lot at work.

I got back to my desk and finished a task - just one. Suddenly, it was time for lunch. When I got back to my desk with my tacos, I had an email waiting for me saying that some dude had my phone. I guess I dropped it on the three block walk from my office to the taco place. Fortunately, the guy was honest and just gave me my phone back. But really, it looks like it got run over by a car.

What sucks is that I still have 2+ hours of the work day. I'm sure it's just gonna get better.


Michelle said...

Damn, girl. Thank God it is almost Friday. Is your phone undamaged, even if it is sporting new treadmarks???

AJU5's Mom said...

Is the day going any better after lunch? I sure hope so!

Ree said...

Tacos???? Yum.

Becca said...

Yuck! I am so sorry! At least there are tacos. I hope the afternoon went much better.

Shannon said...

I hope it got better. I hope Nathan is better soon! Bless his bitty heart.