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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I have never really had morning issues, but the past few weeks have been so difficult. The Targo and I used to have a good system in the morning:
  • I nurse Nathan,
  • I shower,
  • The Targo changes Nathan and they have breakfast together,
  • I eat a quick breakfast and pack Nathan for the day,
  • The Targo leaves for work and Nathan and I follow 5-10 minutes later.

Lately, that system has not been working. Mostly because Mr. Super Cute Baby isn't sleeping well. So, I feel compelled to let him sleep until the last possible moment. Then I hurry and change him, nurse him, and he has breakfast at daycare. The Targo and I are working together to figure out how to make a schedule that works for Nathan and for us.

But it got me thinking... When Nathan gets a bath, The Targo and I usually do it together. We take turns watching him while one person cooks and the other does laundry. I can go to the doctor or dentist and The Targo can go get his hair cut or go clothes shopping, and neither of us has to worry about a sitter. We're lucky because we have someone else there, another set of hands at the very least. I feel so bad for moms (or dads) who are truly on their own. And I have no idea how they do it.

Our website should be up next week. It's set to private right now. Thanks for the interest!!! :)


Bailey said...

I've been thinking the same thing lately. My husband works from our apartment which has worked out great with a newborn. I shower when Ava naps but if she wakes up, Fredo is there. My phone broke the other day and Fredo was home and able to watch Ava while I ran out, spur of the moment, to get my phone fixed. Parenting is hard but single parenting has got to be the hardest thing there is.

Shannon said...

I agree, single parenting is twice as hard. I hope the sleeping thing gets better. I know how hard it is. Oh, I tried to check out your new site but invite only.

AJU5's Mom said...

It is definitely harder when my husband is out of town for work. Luckily he is normally only gone for one or two nights at a time. But just a few minutes of passing the baby off is sorely missed!

Anonymous said...

Our morning routine looks exactly like yours! Except our mackerdoodle is weaned now. The rare morning I have to do it by myself I ponder the plight of the single parent myself.

It makes me praise the Lord for my awesome, hands-on, husband.

Becca said...

We have a similar morning routine. Except there are more allowances for the considerable time it takes me to ramp up to "fully functioning adult" once I drag myself out of bed. Single parents are amazing. There is no freaking way I could work as hard as they do.

Stephanie said...

Hello, I stumbled across your blog for the first time today... and I felt compelled to comment :)

I soo feel your pain on your little guy's schedule issues.... for us our kiddo (16 month old Nick) will go for a couple weeks on the schedule I have worked soo incredibly hard to stick to and then out of nowhere.. he is all thrown off (which in turn gets us all thrown off....)

I had a friend (a mother of 5 all under the age of 7!) tell me to never get too comfortable with a routine... because it will change at a moments notice and get everyone upset!

I am a very structured, routine, must have organization and planning type of person.... and she said she was too... and tried to remain that way with her first baby... once baby number 2 came... she realized she had done nothing but stress over those things with baby number one...

So instead of freaking out when the "plan" went left of center... she learned to just go with it... do your best to stick to an acceptable "outline" for what they day will be and but not panic or let the mishap ruin the day...

I still do not do well with trying her advice LOL I get all frazzled about the little things... but I am convinced if I could just "go with it" things wouldn't "seem" so crazy...

I don't know if that helps you out or not... but I figure I could pass along advice (that I don't always follow LOL) and if it were helpful to someone else ... yippeee! :)

Have a great day and I hope your little guy gets settled back into a routine to your liking :)