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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Thoughts On A Winter Morn

So... I don't wear makeup. There's no reason except that I never got into the habit. Most of my friends wear that professional looking, subtle makeup and I think they're all gorgeous. But me? Well lately, it's a good day when I remember to brush my hair.

I've been thinking about this lately because, honestly, I've kind of let myself go downhill over the past few months. I lost all but 7 pounds of my baby weight (seriously, nothing to be proud of there), but my body doesn't look anything like it did before I was pregnant: I've got pockets of jiggly everywhere! The clothes I wear to work are pretty unflattering: plain black or striped pants, t-shirt or sweater, and I wear comfy flat shoes. The unbrushed hair and lack of makeup complete this very sad picture.

The Targo? He looks great! He's not as thin as he was when he was running 20 miles per week, but that's good. He was too thin then. He buys nice clothes, he pays an absurd amount for his haircuts, and he has really nice white teeth. (Hmm... this sounds like a sales pitch!)

So, I'm thinking about baby steps. The Targo's parents will be watching Nathan Monday-Wednesday. This might enable me to get back to the gym on those three days. The Targo and I have been working on meal plans, so that we watch what we eat a little more. I'm trying to shower at night (which I hate), so that I'll not only have more time to get ready in the morning, but also that I'll remember to brush my hair. But the makeup. I just don't know. It just seems like another thing that I'll have to do in the morning. And is it worth it?

Do you wear makeup? Have you always worn it, or is it something you acquired recently, in adulthood, when you got that job, when you hit 30?


Candy said...

When I turned 13, I was allowed to wear makeup, and I couldn't wait. I bought everything I could possibly get my hands on, made lots of mistakes, tried every tip Glamour or Cosmo had and eventually figured it out. I very seldom left the house without it.

Then I had kids, became a Stay at home mom, and stopped all together. No one at home cared if I had mascara on.

Now that I'm back to work, I wear it every day again and am happy that I am. I found I missed it. I look so much better with it on, that I really shouldn't go out without it.

There are lots of sites with 5 minute makeup tips on them. I'd start with something like that...a little blush and a dob of mascara can do wonders.

Bailey said...

I used to wear a fair amount of makeup most every day. Now I only wear it if I'm going somewhere. I have extremely sensitive eyelids so I never wear eyeshadow anymore. I've never been a foundation person but I do like Clinique's tinted moisturizer. If I wear makeup during the day (usually in an attempt to look more awake) I'll wear a little concealer and some mascara. If I'm going to dinner or something, I'll do tinted moisturizer, concealer, cream blush, mascara and lip gloss. It's not much but it seems to make a difference, especially in how I feel.

AJU5's Mom said...

I rarely wear any make up. It has to be a special occasion to put it on because my skin is so oily and breaks out so easily. I will put on lipstick more often that anything else.

Oh - and when I worked outside the home, I was great at brushing my hair while I was driving in. I just didn't want to get up any earlier than I had to. Luckily, I didn't have to see students for quite a while (I did other things for about 2 hours most semesters).

Shannon said...

If I can recommend one thing it is Carmindy! She's the gal on What Not to Wear (I also recommend that show for great tips for buying flattering clothes for real body types.) And yes, the hosts can be very annoying. Anyway, Carmindy does the makeup for the "fashion victims" on the show and I have learned quite a bit from watching her. She also has a book called "The 5 Minute Face" and an email newsletter. And let me just say, you have so much natural beauty that I wouldn't go over board with the makeup. You really don't need it.

Kristabella said...

I didn't wear make-up until my first job out of college when I was almost 22. I felt like I had to since I had to wear something other than shorts and T-shirts like I wore in college.

I wear a minimal amount. I wear foundation and mascara. It doesn't take that long in the morning (believe me, I'm all about efficiency in the morning because I like sleep.) But I like wearing foundation because it evens out my skin tone and my scars from old acne break outs.

Also, everything I wear can be bought at CVS or Target.

Becca said...

I am mystified by makeup. I have tried so hard to get into it because, like you, I admire that "put-together" look that other women do so effortlessly. Also, smokey eyes. Can't figure it out.

Anonymous said...

I wore makeup to work and church faithfully until the mackerdoodle came along. Then I had two choices: did I want to waste precious mommy minutes applying make-up, and did I want my daughter growing up thinking that a woman has to paint her face in order to be beautiful.

So I don't wear makeup anymore. I suppose if I was going to a fancy ball with my hot husband I'd put a little paint on the face, but other than that, I don't even know where my eye liner is anymore.

Anonymous said...

I always wear it when I go out at night, or if I'm going somewhere on business. Basic bronzer, mascara, blush, those handy eyeshadow sticks, and lip gloss. Doesn't take too long.

But when I'm at home? Moisturizer is about as far as I get. :)