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Friday, January 02, 2009

Question #1 - How Did You Change in 2008?

I've been thinking about this for a long time, but haven't done it. So, as a new year has dawned, I'll get cracking. I've been very lax in my keeping up with most of you lovely people, so hey! Why don't I make you do some of the work?

I'm planning on asking "getting to know you" questions throughout January (except the 25th, because that's a special day in this house!). Although they may sound like first date questions, don't let that weird you out. I'll be answering them too.

Question #1 - How did you change in 2008?
For me, 2008 was a year of extreme change. I not only became a mom, but I became a working mom. It's one of the most wonderful, but overwhelming hats I ever thought I would wear. I am exhausted every day, but I feel like I'm doing the best I can for my little family. Right now.

This past year was also one of real growth for me. I don't talk about it on my blog, or to many people, but I began attending church this year. It's become something very important to me as a wife and mom.

I've learned a lot about forgiveness this year. Being called a "grudge-holder" by someone whose opinion means everything to you will really cause you to examine yourself. I try to hold myself to a high standard, but that can make me out as "holier-than-thou." That's a real problem. In the past few months, I've really thought about all of the ways I've hurt and offended people. The vast majority of the transgressions against me have paled against what I've done to others.

Being a mom has taught me that I'm not the most important person in my world. I know all of you are thinking "duh!" But, sometimes we get so caught up in our day-to-day lives that our worlds become so small. Loving and knowing Nathan makes me want to expand that world and help others.

What about you? How have you changed? (Please feel free to write your own post or leave a comment. Let me know if you write your own post though ... because, as you've learned, I can't keep up!)


Bailey said...

I too became a mom this year. It's the biggest and best thing I've ever done.

Kristabella said...

Good question. I was laid off for the third time in three years in 2008, so I think I've become more resilient.

I also have become more confident in my writing abilities.

I've also become more addicted to the internet, which is a good thing because I've made so many great friends online that I had the opportunity to meet in person at BlogHer.

And of course, I've killed quite a few brain cells and damaged my liver just a little bit more with all the booze I drank! :)

AJU5's Mom said...

I have learned to accept the curve-balls God throws at me without getting upset of trying to blame Him for not listening to our plans. It is hard, but I know His plans are always better than mine in the long run.

Anonymous said...

I'm too long winded for the comment section, so I posted my answer at my blog. Great Question! Cool idea.