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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Big Dates

My mom and dad will be celebrating their 35th anniversary this October. The Targo and I are not made of money (or even supplemented with money), so I cannot get them what I really want to get them, which is a cruise vacation this winter. BUT, but, I am hoping to do something special for them.

I'm looking at getting them a room at a Bed & Breakfast for Labor Day weekend. They don't really get to spend much time together because my mom is a homebody and my dad, well, I don't think she ever knows where he is except when he's at work. He's always been a wanderer. For example, at our wedding, we lost him for 15 minutes. We were on a beach in Mexico and he somehow managed to get out of our sights. Fortunately, he was just getting tip money for the judge who officiated our wedding. But, he just has this habit of disappearing. But I digress...

So, the B&Bs. I think it's a good idea because it will get them out of my sad little hometown and also, they'll be forced to spend time together. Muhahaha!!!!! (Is that bad?)

The challenge here is to find one that will have activities they both like to do. There are B&Bs with winery tours, outdoor activities, "romance retreats," and other activities. I think I'm just going to look at one that is in a scenic location and has good food. I just want them to be able to relax and enjoy each other's company. Now, if I can get my brothers to donate just a bit ... this will really be awesome.


AJU5's Mom said...

That sounds like a good idea. Luckily for me, my parents buy themselves whatever they want. They just request that us kids show up for family gatherings to celebrate their big days.

Sarah said...

what a nice gift!

this post cracked me up because a) my dad is a total wanderer ad goes missing at all family events and for short spurts of time when he is home, too and b) my brothers NEVER chip in for group gifts, but they talk a good game...

Marianne said...

Sarah --- are we in the same family?