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Monday, July 20, 2009


Um. Hi there. I hate going to the doctor and I LOATHE taking medication. But, it seems that I'm falling apart. My mom told me there'd be days like this. And I guffawed, and then shook my fist at age. I mean, really, I don't feel old.

Last week, my eye was bugging me a lot. I woke up with it bright red, not icky, just irritated. I stayed in the shower with the scalding water pelting my face for a touch longer, and it looked fine by the time I left for work. The next few days, it wasn't irritated as in red/itchy/uncomfortable, but it was watering as if I was crying. It's still doing that.

I went to Harry Potter with a friend from church and said "No, I'm not crying." I went to church on Sunday and said "No, I'm not crying. Right this second." I had a meeting this morning with my boss's boss and said "I don't think I'm crying, but I really don't know any more."

So, I sucked it up and made an appointment to see my GP this afternoon. This doctor is quite holistic, so I'm afraid he's going to say something like "Drink some herbal tea and bang a gong four times. You should be fine." I just want some good drugs for my peeper!

I should mention that I'm 90% sure it's not pink eye. Maybe 95% sure.

Happy Monday.

INCIDENTALLY --- BlogHer ladies --- I'm so very sad about not going to BlogHer. Please let me know if you'll have a spare moment for coffee or something.


AJU5's Mom said...

Sorry about the eye situation. Could it be allergies of some sort? Allergies cause my eyes to water and become red, but eye drops and flushing tend to help (at least short term). Hopefully the doctor will know!

summer and adam said...

I agree with AJU5's Mom, definately look into allergies. Zyrtec has helped me a lot. But then again, I'm allergic to anything that grows.