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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wherein I Tried to Go to BlogHer

Okay, I didn't really. I just have cool people envy and want to meet some of the fabulous women whose blogs I read. But it doesn't matter, because BlogHer is sold out. I don't really feel like being put on the waiting list, because honestly, I should be packing.

When I was in undergrad and grad school (you know, before I began this VERY VERY LONG hiatus), I was a conference junkie. I would save up to go to conferences! This was back in the day when I didn't save up for anything. I loved meeting all the new people with similar interests, and in the case of school, those who had completely different points of view from me. I loved it.

The last conference I went to, I was photographed at pretty much every event. No, they weren't the scholar paparazzi or anything, that's just how I rolled. I was in it all. Today, my drippy eye and myself barely have the energy to be at work.

So, it doesn't look like I'll be crashing BlogHer. Unfortunately, real life and the knowledge that I'm no longer that interesting have intervened. Eh... what can ya do?


Kristabella said...

You could crash. The parties tomorrow are all open to everyone. And the Cheeseburgher Party in Saturday is as well. Look on for the list of all the open parties that you can come to.

I know plenty of Chicago bloggers that are coming just for the parties or to hang in the lobby! Hotfessional will be there too!

Sarah said...

Just come to the parties :)

AJU5's Mom said...

I would say go to the parties - they are the fun parts anyways. Unfortunately, I don't think BlogHer will come to a town near me and I don't think I will be willing to spend the money to go any time soon!