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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We Are So Crazy

So ... this week has us packing, moving, working, being crazy ... oh Lord ... I don't know what else. I feel so overwhelmed that coherent conversation, let alone prose, isn't really possible.

But hey! I got my hair cut last weekend.

I do this about every other year. Why would I want long hair in the summer? Because I'm stupidly vain --- about my hair. But I like this cut. It's the Jenny McCarthy cut, on a less cute, but much fatter face. ;-)

Anyway, please think of us while we're trying to get all of this stuff taken care of and getting moved. The Targo is amazing and he's done the bulk of the packing. He's also the one who's working with the movers (as opposed to the Infamous Geriatric Moving Crue of 2007). So, I'll be posting light (even lighter than I am right now) for the next week or so. But, I hope you're all well!

1 comment:

Bailey said...

Cute hair! Good luck with the move!