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Monday, November 30, 2009


I totally dropped the ball last year and didn't write an anniversary post.

Well, Targo ... It's been 3 years since we "walked down the aisle." Truthfully, I met you at a chuppah on the beach. It was wonderful.

Since then, life has moved at an insane pace. This year in particular has been challenging. The economy has had a direct impact on us, including forcing you to go to India for a month. While I'm grateful that it was only a month, the circumstances made it difficult for you.

The joy in our life has been Nathan. He is seriously the best little kid. I love seeing you light up when you're playing with him. And he is insane about his dada!

In spite of the difficulties, every day I wake up and think, "Really? Can life be this good and this easy?" (I hope I'm not jinxing us.) We're so crazy and so busy and so happy. I didn't think things worked out like this.

Happy Anniversary, Yo-Yo... I love you.