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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Goals for December

I've been quite self-absorbed for the past couple of months. Things have been mostly fine, but the stuff that's been been not-so-good, has kinda sucked. A lot. So, while I'm sure everything will be a-okay in the long run, I'm a little off still.

But! I have some goals for December. They're pretty easy goals, but I think they'll improve the quality of my and my family's lives. (And, bullet points make posting easy.)

  • Post more often. I find that I feel better when I write. While I write poorly, it's nice to be able to decompress this way.
  • Spend more time with friends. I've got a couple of friends that I used to be real close to. But, we've all be so busy. I'm hoping to see a couple of these girls before Christmas.
  • Wean Nathan from his pacifier. Nathan's "bow" (as he calls it) is causing us a lot of trouble. He chewed up three of them yesterday. At $3 a pop, he's got an expensive habit.
  • Begin potty training. We're going on a family vacation in March and we're hoping to have Nathan mostly potty-trained by then.
  • Enjoy Christmas with friends and family. This doesn't really require any explanation. Other than to say that holidays tend to be very stressful for me. I'm hoping to let that go a bit this year.

What's going on with you guys?

1 comment:

AJU5's Mom said...

Good list! We hope to work on the pacifier removal and potty training as well. Luckily AJU5 hasn't torn any up yet, but it is about time for her to give them up (especially since she is getting more sneaky about getting them out of her bed where they are supposed to stay).