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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


It was somewhere in the 60s on Friday, and on Saturday, it was cold and snowy all day long. I had made plans to go have coffee with a sweet high school-aged girl two doors down. The Targo had a million errands to run, so I took Nathan with me. As we were walking down our front stairs - about 8 of them that go up one story in approximately 5 feet - I fell. While carrying Nathan.

I didn't feel like I hurt myself, but I wasn't sure. The little monkey was hysterical for 15-20 minutes. He wasn't hurt - I held on so tightly - but he was scared, very very scared.

As a result of holding on to him, I tensed all of my muscles, hurt my back and pulled a muscle in my stomach. The bruises are now coming out - all over my arms and back. I'm probably lucky that no one at work is asking me about it.

There's a lesson here - for me anyway. I know that no matter what, I will hold on tight to Nathan. I will protect him from falls, risking my own body. And all this love, this sacrifice, is nothing compared to the sacrifice that's been given to me. My bruises are pale compared to what He suffered.

I hope I'm not offending anyone. I'm new in my faith and these ah-ha moments really touch me.


Shannon said...

This is your blog. You can say whatever you like, anytime. Don't you love the power?!

Gosh girl, that sounds awful. I hope you are healing up. And I am so thankful Nathan wasn't hurt. I fell like that this winter but thankfully I wasn't holding Liam. I bruised my shin bone so bad. It is still tender to this day and I have a nasty scar.

But nothing like His scars. I have The Passion on dvd and I always want to watch it at Easter. But I end up a sniffling, sobbing mess. It really reminds of what He did endure just for us.

AJU5's Mom said...

First - I love the ah-ha moments. Second, you should never be ashamed of your faith. If someone is offended, it is because they are being convicted.

Thanks for the reminder that we are sealed in our Father's hand. There is no way He will ever let us go!

Faith said...

Ouch! Hope your pain goes away soon!! My mom did that holding my little sister and she had to sit on a pillow for a month. SCARY.

Good for you for speaking out your faith! It's your blog - say what you want to :)

Anonymous said...

I'm continually amazed at how God uses my kids to show me His nature!

Often our "aha" moments lead to others' "aha" moments. I just hope you don't have to do yourself an injury each time. yikes.