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Thursday, April 29, 2010


So, I've been meaning to update all week. But really, life (LIFE) is so crazy and hectic that it's almost impossible to sit down and think, let alone write about what's going on.

My family visited my parents and my ailing aunt this weekend. It was a really special visit for a couple of reasons. I got to see my aunt, who is so sadly, failing. But I got to see her. I got to tell her that I loved her and and cheering for her. My aunt is very very thin and had recently shaved her head, rather than tolerate the clumps of hair falling out. Nathan was afraid of her at first, but when we left, this kind, gentle and tactile little boy went up and hugged her like she had long held a spot in his heart.

Alexi is beautiful. He's a tiny peanut of a baby, but just perfect. I found out last night that he's suffering from thrush. So, they're working through that.

My parents are doing well, despite all of the stress that comes with having sick loved ones. My mom is holding this sadness to herself. I've been trying to encourage her, but again, have realized that my solutions may not work for her. She did commit to spend a weekend with my aunt while my cousin and her family visit her husband's family. I think this is positive. I hope too that my mom will carry this visit with her after my aunt passes away, whether it's 2 months from now, or 20 years.

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