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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Jelly Bean's Interweb Debut

Yes, I posted these on Facebook, but with the week I had, I need to share this with lots of people.

This pregnancy is mostly going great. I feel so well and the baby is doing great. If I could get his/her brother to sleep, I'd be golden.

These pictures aren't as clear as the ones of Nathan were (the cord was in the way), but they're still pretty cute. I'm fairly certain we will be the family of clones.


Becca said...

So cute!! He or she looks like Nathan!

Marianne said...


Jen L. said...

Aw! What a sweetpea! I love that you don't know if you're having a girl or boy. We didn't find out with Dean and it was so much fun! Hope your pregnancy continues to be happy and healthy!