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Saturday, July 21, 2007

We Interrupt This Crazy Cat Lady Blog...

...To Bring You a Slightly Political Message.

Because The Targo and I are squarer than Mr. Peabody and Sherman,

We spent our Saturday night - a Saturday night in the summer, no less - watching a documentary. But, it's a movie we've been trying to rent for months!

If you were an idiot like myself, who signed up for credit cards in college, and then made too many midnight trips to Taco Bell, rent Maxed Out. It was incredible. Like any 0f the political documentaries, I suggest you view it with a critical eye. But, if you have any interest in the national debt, the wealth gap, or old people who get swindled out of their life savings, it's worth an hour and a half of your time.

The opening scene shows a real estate investor in Las Vegas. She discusses the "creative financing" behind the building of new luxury homes. The caption afterward says that the techniques she's discussing were the same ones employed by Enron.

The hook is a good one and I guarantee the movie will spark discussion, regardless of your socio-political point of view. Just a warning: I cried. But then again, I'm a sap.


Anonymous said...

OMGosh! We're squarer than Mr. Peabody and Sherman, too! Where did you find that awesome pic???

Documentary sounds interesting....

Marianne said...

It was really good! That pic? Compliments of wikipedia, which I keep endorsing for some gawd-awful reason.

Can I read your blog without any Harry Potter spoilers??

Anonymous said...

Yep. It's a spoiler-free zone. :)