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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Another Lazy Saturday

I love Saturdays! Today started out with brunch with a grad school friend at a cute restaurant - I had coconut French toast. And now, I'm snuggling on the papasan with Magic, watching the first season of The Ghost Whisperer. I always feel the need to apologize for liking this show, but I won't. I just like it. I know plenty of people who watch absolute garbage! (Hmm, I guess that's a roundabout apology. Heh.) I mostly feel bad about my GW like-affair because The Targo hates it more than should be legal. This is the same man who surfs the Internet for funny video clips to show me, and most of them are so not funny. So, like, whatever: To each his/her own.

Tonight I'm flying solo as The Targo will be at a bar watching college football. We went to the same bar a couple weeks ago for a game and it was beyond smoky. And also, this drunk man, who was at least 6'2", kept tipping over on me. Even after I moved. I had a lousy time. So, I think might wander to Blockbuster and grab the last Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I know most of you said it was bad, but it can't be worse than The Ghost Whisperer, right?


Anonymous said...

I double heart Dancing With The Stars (go Jennie & Derek) and we're watching The Lords of Dogtown tonight.

I secretly heart skateboard and dancing movies. Hee.

Becca said...

Sounds absolutely perfect! If I had a childfree night I would do French Toast AND a movie at the same time! And there would be pajamas and instant messenger. Bliss.

Kristabella said...

After watching college football, I spent the night watching Center Stage, that stupid ballet movie last night. Except I don't think it is stupid because I watch it EVERY TIME it is on.

Aimee said...

LOL I love Center Stage. (sorry, commenting on a comment) If I liked JLH I would like Ghost Whisperer, but I just can't get past her whiney self.

Tara said...

Actually, I know a lot of people who like The Ghost Whisperer. People must like it for the show to still be on. I must confess that I watch The Hills. One of the stupidest shows on television and, yes, I watch it. I think everyone has a guilty pleasure TV show. ;-)

alyndabear said...

I really want to hire the Ghost Whisperer Season 1, actually. =x