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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Seasons of Love - Two Months

Little guy ... wow, has this time flown by! Your daddy and I look at you and see changes every day.

Just a few weeks ago, you began smiling socially. Our hearts melted and our heads exploded from the awesomeness.

Earlier this week, you noticed the baby in the mirror. You were having a great time smiling with him and giggling. And then he made you cry. What a mean baby!

When we do tummy time, you really kick your legs, like you want to go. Right. Now. I know when you've had enough because you make an "EH!" noise and roll back to your back. I already sense your daddy's stubborn streak in you.

I am so grateful that I've gotten to spend these first two months getting to know you. You're a pretty cute little guy and I wake up every day wondering what you're going to do next.

We love you so much.


Mary said...

I can't believe how big he's getting! He just gets cuter and cuter.

L Sass said...

Damn, your kid is cute! I hope I get to meet him in person after I move to Chicago.

Lady P said...

Cripes, am I ever glad I had my tubes tied years ago because this little fellow gets the ol' heartstrings going, he's so cute!!

Stop it!! I'm supposed to be starting menopause soon, NOT listening to the baby clock ticking!!!!!

Candy said...

Omg, look at him clutching that bear. I can't stand it! Could he be any cuter???