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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bullets, Snippets, Kitties, Oh My!

  • Is anyone else as hooked on American Idol as I am this season? I thought the top 24, with a few WTF exceptions, was the most talented ever. I'm sad every week when someone gets eliminated. Except for those exceptions noted above. Two of the people I was sure would be in the top three are gone. (I'm pretty sure Kristabella single handedly eliminated Carly.) And I'm fascinated by the washed up crazies (and Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber) they've had coaching the finalists. But, seriously, Carly did the same arrangement of Jesus Christ, Superstar that Laura from the Grease show did. And let me just say, Laura was way better. WAY.
  • I've lost 15 lbs of my baby weight. I had always heard rumors of those women who wore their pre-pregnancy jeans home from the hospital. Maybe they weren't 32 and maybe they hadn't had C-sections. Or maybe they were my insanely skinny even at 64 mother-in-law. Maybe. I blame my SLOW, very very slow, return to not-so-grande-ness on the crappy weather in Chicago. I barely left my house in February because it was so damned cold. Most of March wasn't much better. And the first two weeks of April saw both Nathan and myself with colds. And now I'm back to work. I try to get out for a mile walk every day, but it doesn't always work. Nap time and all.
  • I have secret fantasies of all of my favorite bloggers moving to Chicagoland. I think Kristabella would find this very funny, considering I can't keep a date with her to save my life.
  • This morning, I had Nathan on the floor, playing on his mat. Magic, being a FREAK SHOW, had the zooms and kept hurdling over the baby. I almost killed him, but I've seen how the Humane Society goes after people on the news.
  • Because I'm boring, and still have no idea where the camera is, I will leave you with an old Nathan picture:


Anonymous said...

It took me over a year to lose my baby weight and I had a summer baby!

Nicole P. said...

I can't believe Carly left instead of the chick who screwed up. I also thought Sayisha did great and didn't deserve to be in the bottom two. The kid with dreds and blonde chick who screwed up need to go, in my opinion.

And the women that wear pre-pregancy pants home from the hospital are lying. Or imaginary.

L Sass said...

Oh please... wearing your regular jeans home from the hospital? I don't buy it.

Becca said...

What those women who wore their pre-pregnancy jeans home from the hospital don't tell you is that they had to stay in the hospital for six months. Poor poor women.

15 lb is great! You'll get there!

Jamie said...

You seems like losing the baby weight just varies greatly from woman to woman. I'm sure when the summer weather hits, it'll just melt off. Plus, 15 pounds is an awesome start.

Nathan looks like such a happy little guy.

Lady P said...

After I had my first born (by natural delivery) the weight fell off. Then, when his days and nights got mixed up and I was lonely (we'd just moved to a new city)...well, things went downhill from there!

When I had my second, I left the hospital weighing MORE than when I went in, for Pete's sake! I swelled from all the drugs I had. It was horrible; my feet squished when I walked. A few days later my body kicked in and basically started sweating the drugs off. The initial weight did drop off again...but I hit severe post-partum blues and things went downhill from there.

Don't get hard on yourself about the weight! Give yourself time; if it comes off slowly it will stay off. With the nice weather you can get out more, etc, etc.