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Monday, September 29, 2008

Total Recall

Nathan's crib was recalled. It's a bummer for several reasons - one being I loved the crib, and another being that it's a pain!

I discovered the recall by randomly reading a baby magazine someone had left on my desk. I have no idea how long the darned thing had been a death trap, but we just took it down two weeks ago. I'm not sure how the word is usually put out when these things happen, but I hope most parents are more aware than I am. I'm 99% sure that we registered the crib when we got it. So, I thought if there had been any problems, I'd get something from the manufacturer. What's interesting is the way you have to get the voucher or whatever: we had to send in the screws and a sticker located on one of the sides of the crib. This sticker was no easy to remove, so The Targo found a mysterious saw lying around our coach house and took care of it. I wonder how many other people UPS-ed them a chunk of the crib.

Have any of you had an item that was recalled? Do you know how long this normally takes to resolve? Nathan is sleeping in our pack-and-play, which is travel sized. He barely fits in it.

By the way, our crib was the Jardine Berkley model. You may remember it from such photo spreads as this, this, this, this, and this. (In reverse chronological order.)

If you have a crib from Jardine International, go here for more information about the recall.


SSU said...

Don't have a crib and haven't dealt with a recall - so sorry on that end. Hopefully they will send you something ASAP because - hello - you can't go without a safe crib!

SSU said...

We do a mix of sleeping arrangements - AJU5 starts in her bed and goes back after the first night time wake up (and feeding). But, after that it is too hard to get her back to sleep in her bed without waking her. She is currently in a full-sized pack-n-play actually, but we are considering the crib here very soon (she should be able to move into what is actually her room in about 2 weeks).

Buns said...

I am going to have to saw a part of my cribs off too to send them... it's impossible to remove the sticker in one piece.