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Monday, November 12, 2007

So NOT Cool

I've mentioned our neighbors before. They seem like the nicest people and for some reason, I cannot help but make an ass of myself at every meeting. Tonight, The Targo and I ran into them as we were heading to the grocery store.

Me: [Neighbor guy], do you hear our cats when they run all batsh!t through the house?

[Neighbor guy]: Yes. We hear everything that goes on upstairs.

Me: Oh.
I'm pretty sure I had a panicked "deer caught in headlights" look. I don't even want to know what he hears ... or thinks he hears.

[Neighbor guy]: We were wondering how much you hear us.

Me (because I just can't SHUT UP ALREADY): Oh! We never hear you. You guys are so quiet. But you must be a guitar player. I love hearing that.

[Neighbor guy] (awkward pause): Well, I guess we'll see how it goes after the baby arrives.

Me: Um... yeah. If we're ever really loud, please let us know. We wouldn't intentionally stomp around in loud shoes or anything. Um...

The conversation continued to go downhill and I think The Targo was trying to pull me away. I was obviously unable to ambulate with both feet in my mouth. I don't understand. I have never had consistently awkward conversations like this before. The Targo claims that I seem to get awkward around them. I can't tell if I'm the problem or if I panic because it's not going well, and thereby, become stupid.


Christi said...

I've had conversations with neighbors like this. I'm not sure what it is but I do the exact same thing! I'm such a wuss I usually try to avoid them altogether. I guess I just hate being judged...

Becca said...

I want to be friends with our neighbors so bad, but I turn into a complete idiot as soon as I leave my house. Mostly because I am so tired all the time and hate explaining what I do for a living. It's really great. The conversation is usually over as soon as "engineering grad student and part time stay at home mom" comes out.

Kristabella said...

I feel bad for the people below me. Because my cats are idiots. And run around at 4 AM.

But maybe that's why they are trying to smoke me out with marijuana.

So now? I don't feel so bad. Get a job.